Pet Grooming Services

Every breed and every dog is unique in their own right so we offer these prices for dog grooming or cat grooming as a guide to help you prepare for your visit. Final price will be determined once we meet your furry friend but these prices should be what you can expect with a rare exception. Your pet is left cage free in our open dog park atmmosphere unless specifically requested. He/she will have a blast roaming free and making friends throughout the day. All dogs leave with a bandana or one of our speacialty handmade bows. Full pet grooming starts at $35* No pet grooming service over $85

Full Groom – Sarting at…

Small dogs start at $35 with the exception of Poodles and Cocker Spaniels. All full grooms include full bathing and nails trimmed or filed.

Flea & Tick Treatment

We use the best flea and tick treatments available on the market to ensure your pet comes home free of all the little “buggers”!

Tooth Brushing

Any size dog.

Bathing – Starting at…

All full baths include ear cleaning, expression of anal glands, cut and/or file nails, and a free toothbrushing with their first visit.

Specialty Shampoo/Conditioner

Hypoallergenic, Anti-fungal, Whitening, Brightening, Black, Furminating, Blueberry Facial, etc…

Nails Cut and/or Filed

Any size dog.

Puppy Pizazz!

Just the splash of pizazz for your pup, we offer foil hair dye for your furry companion in a variety of colors! All dyes are designed specifically for use on your pet and will not harm them.

dog hair dye

Eye Scooping

If you are a current client, we will scoop your pets eyes for free in between appointments.

Cat Grooming – Starting at…

Yes! You read that correctly. We do offer cat bathing and grooming as well. Baths are $40 and full grooms start at $60.